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Case interview questions putting your logic to the test

Case interview questions putting your logic to the test Case interview questions putting your logic to the testPosted October 13, 2011, by Josie ChunWhat would you do if you went into an interview and were asked this question how many meat pies were eaten in Sydney last week?Some of us might be at a total loss if faced with such a question, but these case interview questions are often used in interviews with management consultancies, investment banks and other sorts of organisations when recruiting for executive or strategic positions.In a case interview, you are presented with a problem or asked to analyse a situation and you have to identify the key issues, address the problems involved and come up with a conclusion or recommendation.The purpose of case interview questions is to binnensee how you think the logic and structure of your thought, your ability to quickly analyse and think through a complex problem, to prioritise and exercise common sense, and reach a sound conclusion w ith limited information within a short space of time. The interviewer also wants to see how you behave and communicate under pressure, whether you like problem solving and demonstrate creativity, flexibility and confidence. Its not about your specific business knowledge or coming up with a correct answer, even though there is often a quantitative component.See an example of a case interview question and answer. The key to these is not so much the actual answer, but the logic of how you go about arriving at the answer (without the use of any outside information including Google) and the clarity with which you arrive at certain assumptions about what is known versus what is unknown, says ex-management consultant Stephen Scheeler. However, if your logic is strong, the answer is often pretty accurate as well. The key to dealing with case interviews is to stay focused and level-headed and break the question down into its component parts. If you manage this, you may just come out of th e interview with flying colours and maybe even a job offer.How to prepare for case interview questionsIf youre heading into a case interview, its absolutely essential that you research and prepare. Use books and websites (for example, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Harvard Business School have practice questions on their sites, and Marc Cosentinos Case In Point is considered a great reference book), talk to people who have been through the process, read business magazines and periodicals, and attend a workshop if you can. The company youre interviewing with may even have sample questions and advice for approaching such questions on their website. Its also important that you practise the more the better. Practise not only going through the mental exercises, but also articulating your answers in a confident manner. Your ability to logically and persuasively talk through your thought processes is more important than the actual answer you come up with.How to perform at a case interviewAt the interview, listen carefully to the question and summarise it succinctly to make sure youve understood correctly and understand the objectives. Prioritise the issues and construct a logical framework for tackling the problem. Its important to begin by setting up a structure. Break down the variables, some of which you may have to calculate, and others which youll have to assume. Take well-organised notes and lay your notes out in front of you so you can see the whole case at a glance. For the maths, estimate and round numbers off for easy calculation. Write all numbers down. Its essential to ask questions and explain why youre asking them. Asking questions will be expected of you and will give the interviewer insight into your thinking. behauptung sorts of interviews are meant to be a two-way discussion, and your ability to ask pertinent questions is one of the things theyll be looking for. Stay focused and keep your eye on the key issues. Dont go off on a tange nt or get bogged down in minor details that arent crucial to the bigger problem. Think out loud, because they want to follow your thought processes and logic. The interviewer may challenge some of your assumptions if they think youre going down the wrong path, or even just to see how you handle being challenged as well as your ability to justify your approach or quickly correct it without getting defensive. Watch for any other cues from the interviewer, which may be given to help you stay on track. If the interviewer brings up a good point that you havent thought about or points out an error in your logic, then acknowledge you were wrong and be able to change your answer. Whatever you do, try to be objective because that is why consultants are hired. Also let the interviewer know if you have considered something but dismissed it. Communicating your train of thought, including those considerations you reject, will demonstrate your thoroughness and breadth of thinking, and allo w the interviewer to see how you exercise judgment. Dont be afraid to be creative and brainstorm. If you can think of an innovative approach to the problem, that will be sure to impress. Employers want creative, original thinkers as well as thoughtful and thorough ones so try to be both. Occasionally step back to take a look at the overall picture. Summarise where youre at and what the implications seem to be. Once youve come up with an answer, give a good summary that takes about a minute and explain how you have come to your conclusion. If appropriate to the question, provide practical recommendations that can be acted upon. Project confidence. Instead of acting like youre scared or getting flustered, be enthusiastic about taking on the challenge and regard such problem-solving as fun this will show the interviewer you have the right attitude and will be both happy and good at your job. Finally, dont forget that as nerve-racking as case interviews can be, this is an imp ortant exercise and you will gain important information about the company youre interviewing with by going through this process.How to approach the meat pie questionSo how many meat pies were eaten in Sydney last week? To answer this question, you could start with the population of Sydney, then estimate the number of people who eat meat pies. After that, consider how many they would eat in a day and the 7 days per week, and come up with a final answer. You could further refine your answer by breaking it down into different types of people kids, adults, the elderly, men and women. This is only a very simple example. Other more complex questions might be How many phone books are there in Sydney? Estimate the market for lightbulbs in Australia. Whats the worldwide annual production of ping pong balls? 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ASME.orgs 10 Must-Read Stories from 2017

ASME.orgs 10 Must-Read Stories from 2017 ASME.orgs 10 Must-Read Stories from 2017 ASME.orgs 10 Must-Read Stories from 2017The cynical among us have sung a familiar refrain in recent years. Disappointed with the perceived lack of progress toward the science fiction pop culture promised in the 1960s and 1970s, They promised us jet packs has become the defiant title of numerous essays, pop culture commentaries, and has even inspired the name of one obscure Scottish rock band. However, those of us who covered the field of engineering and technology in general in 2017 have a very different perception of where things are headed. And we think it is fair to say that readers of who are on the front lines of engineering in research labs and corporate RD departments around the globe would certainly join us in politely informing the cynical among us You may not have been paying enough attention.2017 was a very memorable year in the world of science, and particularly engineering, as huma n society moved ever closer to what was once science fiction. Robot teachers equipped with artificial intelligence, permanent artificial hearts, and cars designed entirely in virtual reality environments are all nuts-and-bolts realities in the here-and-now, not in a distant, unattainable future. The challenge that remains for technology and engineering is to mass produce and mass market these technologies, and therein lies the crux of many of this years must-read stories.In no particular order, the editorial staff of lists the ten most compelling, intriguing, and in some cases, mind-blowing stories from the year 2017. Along with the list, which we hope you find as interesting as we do, we would also like to wish all of our readers a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. We hope you will continue to visit for all that is cutting edge in the new year and long into the future.Robophobia Bridging the Uncanny Valley Robophobia sums up the feeling of many people toward the ir up-and-coming mechanical cohorts. Regardless of how useful, friendly, or life-like robots may seem, there will always be those who are just a little creeped out.An Artificial Heart to Beat For many years, science has been in search of a true artificial heart, one that could serve as a reliable and permanent replacement for the one we were all born with. Now, thanks to researchers at the Oregon Health Science University and an ingenious single rotary pump that does the work of the entire heart this may be possible.Ceramics Make Hypersonic Flight a Possibility Harkening back to the glory days of NASA and the field of aeronautics, this speculative feature on the possibility of air travel at speeds beyond Mach 5 marvels at the prospect of reducing a trip from London to Sydney to under an hour - if you believe some estimates.Robot Teachers Transform Education In early 2016, Jill Watson was assigned to be the teaching assistant for Dr. Ashok Goels graduate course in artificial intel ligence at Georgia Tech. After one semester, he revealed the assistant was an AI-backed robot based on IBMs Watson system, the next step on the path to personalized learning.The Third Thumb is a design project investigating the relationship between the body and the prosthetic. Image Danielle ClodeChic Prosthetics Why cant prosthetic limbs be fashionable and cool as well as functional? Danielle Clode of Dani Clode Design says they can, and she has the working models to prove it. Looking at her Synchronized artificial arm, the editors at had that familiar thought when confronted by the obvious Why didnt someone think of this sooner?Top 5 Potential Improvements to Solar Power Solar power and other sources of renewable energy continue to gain influence and attention but their true potential has yet to be realized. Here are the top five ways that solar could get over the hump and truly become an ubiquitous form of everyday energy.New 3D Printer Extruder Takes Manufacturing to Ne xt Level Three short years ago, large-area 3D printers could print about 10 pounds of high-resolution materie per hour. Today, thanks to new extruder and nozzle technologies, these printers can pump out about 100 pounds of even higher-resolution material in the same time, making the possibilities for manufacturing endless.Money Talks with Renewable Energy Renewable energy has arrived in corporate America, the result of renewable energy providers and advocates speaking a language that resonates almost universally in C-suites and boardrooms worldwide Cost.Virtual reality is coming to a car near you. Image FordManufacturing Cars with Virtual Reality Car manufacturers such as General Motors and Ford are increasingly using virtual reality to test design plans, tolerances, and safety features in virtual environments to ensure their products are evaluated at a very early phase of the process, thereby reducing the time and costs.Cyborg Dragonfly Takes to the Air While not quite as terrifyin g as The Terminator, the idea of an army of living, breathing cyborg dragonflies controlled by sensors and light pulses is a bit unsettling. Yet a team at Draper Lab, MIT, has created just that. For Further Discussion

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Trade Secret Attorney Career Requirements and Duties

Trade Secret Attorney Career Requirements and DutiesTrade Secret Attorney Career Requirements and DutiesTrade secret law is a branch of intellectual property law that addresses the protection of proprietary information against unauthorized commercial use by others.Misappropriation of trade secrets is forbidden by the Uniform Trade Secrets Act (UTSA) and the Economic Espionage Act of 1996. Unlike other forms of intellectual property, such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks, organizations cannot register their trade secretswith the government to protect their proprietary information. The only way to ensure the protection of a trade secret is to keep the information confidential, and this can necessitate a variety of legal interventions. Lawyers practicing trade secret law help their clients protect secret and proprietary information, and they litigate the misappropriation of trade secrets. Job Responsibilities of a Trade Secret Lawyer Trade secret attorneys help clients navigat e the landscape of trade secret enforcement and litigation. They can work on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Attorneys help to protect a clients trade secrets through licensing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, and non-competition agreements, all of which are becoming increasingly common in todays business world. These agreements restrict those with certain knowledge or information from disseminating it to others. These attorneys also handle litigation relating to the misuse, misapplication of or theft of trade secrets with or without such agreements and restrictions in place. Litigation can include claims of unfair competition, unfair solicitation, and the violation of non-competition agreements. Attorneys can file lawsuits or seek restraining orders or preliminary injunctions against former employees and competitors who seek to misappropriate a companys trade secrets. Why Trade Secret Law Is Hot Trade secrets are one of an organizatio ns most valuable assets. Todays competitive business landscape has placed a companys trade secrets- such as product formulations, customer lists, and manufacturing processes- at risk of theft by employees, business partners, and competitors. For example, the booming oil industry is fueling trade secrets litigation within the domestic energy industry where companies are increasingly suing one another for raiding each others workforces. Lawsuits in other industries are also increasing as companies claim that their top workers are unlawfully swiped by rivals, either for their talent, their secrets, or both. When those employees move from one company to another, they often take with them a vast knowledge of their former companys processes, customer lists, and product formulations. Because trade secrets provide a company with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, a company must be able to operate profitably without having their trade secrets compromised. Lawyers practicing trade se cret law play an important role in helping clients protect secret and proprietary information and enforcing trade secret laws. Education and Background In addition to a law degree and admittance to a states bar association, a background in science, engineering, or technology is often helpful as well. A secondary degree or related experience can help in understanding and protecting a clients secret technologies, chemical formulas, manufacturing processes, and other secret information. For example, a lawyer with a chemistry degree might lend his talents to pharmaceutical companies to help protect their medicinal formulas. Lawyers with engineering backgrounds can be in a better position to understand and protect a clients manufacturing processes.

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6 Ways to Make a Difference at Work

6 Ways to Make a Difference at Work6 Ways to Make a Difference at WorkAlthough it cant be measured on a performance review, making a difference at the amtsstube is personally rewarding - and likely to help you get ahead in your career. Celebrate Make a Difference Day today by putting a smile on a coworkers face. Here are six suggestions1. Praise good work.Make it a point to praise your peers for a job well done. If youre a manager, recognize an employee for good work regularly. After all, who doesnt like being noticed for a superb effort? Hard-working professionals want to feel they are valued by the organization, and managers who offer praise will be helping their own retention efforts.2. Assist a new coworker.Remember how stressful the first few days, weeks or months were when you were the new employee? You not only had to learn how to do your job but also learn your way around the office, meet new people and figure out the office politics. Make a new colleagues day by helping him find what he needs and feel welcome.3. Take a coworker to lunch.Its easier to develop rapport with a coworker outside the office. Take a coworker to lunch so you can get to know herbei as a person, not merely as a fellow employee. Itll help build camaraderie inside the office.4. Say thank you.Did a coworker help you with a project or even something non-work-related? Be sure to thank him for the kind gesture, and return the kindness in the future.5. Help keep the office clean.A creative work environment should encourage new ideas and productivity, but thats difficult to achieve if the office is cluttered or odorous. Show pride in your workplace by taking the initiative to help keep the office clean.6. Teach a coworker.Help a coworker learn a new skill, whether its a simple trick for doing a regular task or a bigger endeavor. She will appreciate your willingness to help her perform her job better, and the kind gesture will prove to your boss that youre a team player.How do you make a difference at work? Share your ideas in the comments section.RELATED POSTThe Secret to Overcoming Poor Communication in the Workplace - You

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Is Your Bracket Busting Your Job Search

Is Your Bracket Busting Your Job SearchIs Your Bracket Busting Your Job SearchDontsideline your job search for the love of the game.I have a confession to make. I am addicted to the television show, The Biggest Loser. I love watching the contestants compete for the title of Biggest Loser and accomplish their dreams of healthier, thinner bodies. The before and after shots are just incredibleBut what I really love about the show is that it doesnt sugar coat the journey. You watch people break down, fall over and truly battle with themselves along the path to regaining control of their lives. It doesnt happen overnight. As trainer Dolvett Quince would say, it takes a lot of hard work and determination. Each season a new theme is chosen for the show. The themes range from battle of the ages to tackling childhood obesity.I bring this up because as I welches looking at some data from Ladders, I was reminded of Season 13 the season of no excuses.In a recent survey we found that 70 percent of those polled said that the job search was their top priority. However, as my colleague Thomas Murphy discussed in his article, job seeker activity has taken a serious hit since March Madness NCAA basketball tournaments have descended upon us. In fact, job seeker searches fell almost 30 percent during game-time in comparison to historical usage data.Not surprisingly, men were 10 percent less active in their job search than women. In addition, we found that those making less than $100K were 5 percent less active than their more seasoned colleagues.While I may not be a sports fanatic, Ive grown up in a household of them and (kind of) understand the obsession. However, March Madness is no excuse for letting your job search slide.The job search is a full-time job and you need to treat it as such. If youre going to block off time to watch the basketball games or dedicate time to anything else thats really important or interesting to you make sure you also pencil in time to work on yo ur job-search activities.Dont underestimate the power of your smartphone or tablet, especially when youre trying to balance your job search with other priorities. With all the advances in technology, its even easier to keep your search going while on the go. Whether youre emailing with a recruiter, putting in a little FaceTime with a valuable networking contact, or searching for relevant jobs, you can remain a productive job seeker and an avid college basketball fan.

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What to Do About a Pay Gap at Your Workplace

What to Do About a Pay Gap at Your WorkplaceWhat to Do About a Pay Gap at Your Workplace It happens all the time. Someone who has just been hired, or hasnt worked for a company for very long, makes mora money than someone who has been there for many years and proven themselves to be a valuable employee. For instance, there are many instances where a male is going to earn more than a woman who has more training and experience. Have you found out that you are earning a lower salary than someone who is a more recent hire, or has less experience than you? Or does your company not pay fairly ? If so, it may be time for you to look for ways to be able to do something about it.First of all, you need to remember that it is not your co-workers fault that they are being paid more than you are . Yes, you can be angry, but it is never a good idea to confront a co-worker about their salary. All it does is cause both of you to feel uncomfortable, and it causes a lot of anger in t he workplace. Instead of being angry at them, use the fact that they are earning more as a reason to ask for a raise.One thing that you should never do is ask your co-workers what they earn . Unless you are making comparable salaries, someone is going to end up angry because they are being paid less than others. This can lead to conflict within the team, and a lack of productivity that is not going to help you get the raise you deserve.If you are a woman, it is important that you know about the Equal Pay Act. This act prohibits employers from paying women less than their male counterparts when they have the same amount of experience. If you are not a woman but are a minority, you may be eligible for some form of protection. If you think that you are being discriminated based on age, gender, or disability, the best thing to do is to contact the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EOCC) .Unfortunately, most other employees have no legislative coverage. If you are not in one of the above-mentioned groups, you will need to consider your situation and decide whether you should address the issue with your employer.Before you walk into your boss office and ask for a raise, do some research as to what you should be earning , based on your training, experience, years with the company, geographic location, etc. If you do know for a fact that some of your co-workers are earning more than you, this is good information to be able to obere extremitt yourself with. Of course, as mentioned, it is not a good idea to ask co-workers about their salaries.Just because you shouldnt ask co-workers about their salaries, it doesnt mean that there arent other ways to find out. For instance, if you work for a university or a public company, some of the salaries are going to be public information. Or, there may be an association for your particular industry that offers surveys about salaries. It is a good idea to research salaries at least once annually.One of the most difficu lt things about asking for a raise is how to approach the situation in the first place. It is never a good idea to ask if the company is going through a transition period, as the money just isnt going to be there. You also need to be able to gauge your employers mood. If you get them on a bad day, you arent likely to get what you ask for.When you do decide to approach your employer, dont go in making demands. That isnt going to get you anywhere. It is better to negotiate. Tell them why you feel that you deserve a raise, and have confidence in your own value. This is going to get you a lot further than just going in and saying you want a raise, or else.It may be that you are being overlooked for a lot of big projects at work . If this is the case, instead of asking for a raise right away, try asking for more responsibility. Ask to be put on the teams that are doing the big projects, or to do an extra project on your own. Ask if there are training opportunities, and if not, take ou tside courses and workshops to gain more skills and knowledge, suggests training manager at IGotOffer .If you are given the opportunities you seek, dont waste them. If you are getting training, take in every ounce of information possible. If you are given bigger projects to work on, show them what you are really made of. These are the things that are going to put you in the running for a raise, or even a promotion.What will you do if your employer says that they will give you a raise, but they never follow through on their promise? Or, what if the company just cant afford to give you a raise at this time? You can only wait for so long before you are going to become even more disenchanted, and your work is going to suffer because you will stop caring. It is important to set a deadline for what you want. For instance, if you have been working at your company for more than a year without a raise, you may need to decide that if you do not receive a raise within the next six months, thi s may not be the company for you.If you are not getting the raise that you deserve, or other forms of compensation such as extra vacation time, a paid bonus, etc., it may be time to start considering other options. There are other companies out there that will value your experience and skills, and be willing to pay you the salary you truly deserve. Basically, if your current employer doesnt see your value, find one who does.

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The Basic Facts of Warehouse Associate Resume

The Basic Facts of Warehouse Associate Resume Its also flexible, so in case you need to make your own letter, that option is available. There are a lot of reasons why you may take on a part-time work. One mora thing that you ought to do is rewrite it in every work application to make more updated. Now you know the forms of resumes and you are already able to determine which type is more appropriate for you, simply download your favorite template on your own personal computer and you can begin writing your own resume. Many businesses and headhunters are going mobile, and candidates have a large selection of user-friendly apps. Based on the essence of the organization, a customer service associate might be required to do cash register operations. Answer phones and look after customers needs. Help clients and execute carry-in-out tasks. Whats important is that all of the essential information is stated so you are able to find the interest of the recruiter. You will nonethe less receive perfectly optimized resumes and youll select your life simpler Only go back further in case you have earlier experience that is immensely relevant. If you dont have previous housekeeping experience, you will need to use examples from your other professional experiences or personal life to show that youll be an important worker. What You Dont Know About Warehouse Associate Resume If youre uncertain how to begin it, you can merely return and review our Warehouse Associate resume sample. If youre qualified, we possess the perfect Warehouse Associate resume sample to highlight your abilities and abilities. A Warehouse worker can be assigned lots of tasks and duties. All in all, he serves a very important function in the business cycle. The Warehouse Associate Resume Stories For warehousing, the extra skills section is normally more important than the education section. Both could let you find exceptional but only one can allow you to stretch of land work. Ensure youre acquainted with all the work search abilities and strategies out there. Your probability to receiving the job can get very slender when it happens. A Startling Fact about Warehouse Associate Resume Uncovered If you would like to improve your odds of getting work, then you ought to have a great resume objective. If youve got previous housekeeping experience, obtaining a new job ought to be straightforward. If youre interested in getting a work here, youre probably wondering what type of positions that there are likely to be. As a guideline, always be sure your resume is usually honest and clear as possible. Life After Warehouse Associate Resume Warehouse work involves plenty of unique varieties of skills based on the sort of industry. My my previous work experience doesnt have anything to do with the entertainment market. Gathering information about just what the employer is searching for and matching your own abilities is something which you do when writing a resume anyway you must do the exact same here. It is tough to say too much in a resume objective as they are easily able to become selfish as a result of deficiency of space. The New Fuss About Warehouse Associate Resume Career aspirants ought to keep an eye out for a resume template rather than a curriculum vitae template. To assist you in getting through the strain of writing resumes, were supplying you with Resume Template samples from our site. Today, the quantity of totally free online resume templates is astounding. First, they must be comprehensive. The templates are helpful as it is going to aid you to make a professional resume even when you dont have the notion of formatting a customized resume which may incorporate all the exact important particulars. They are helpful since it will help you to create a professional resume even should you not have the thought of formatting a customized resume that can incorporate all the vital information. The Benefits of Warehouse Assoc iate Resume You are a fantastic warehouse associate, and now you must persuade the hiring manager. Being a real warehouse worker can be among the most physically demanding job. After that, go on to construct your own warehouse associate resume so it is possible to find the job and get started working Furthermore, you can look for warehouse associate jobs on Monster. Working in a warehouse isnt something to be dismissed. Byron Turner quantifies his experience in a few of distinct ways. Begin with the managers name.